Yoga Time

DATE: 2021-06-09
AO: Horizon-Ao
Q: sticks
PAX: 3 mile, Old Bay, Kodiak, Mayberry, Undertow, 2 percent, Magoo, sticks FNGs: Attache
WARMUP: Sun Hellos x 5
Standing Poses
1) Sun Hellos A x 5
2) Sun Hellos B x 3
3) Thumb to Foot Pose
4) Hand to Foot Pose
5) Triangle A, B, C
6) Spread Feet A, B, C, D
7) Sideways Stretch
8) Extended Triangle Pose (Stand, grab your toe)
9) Half Bound Lotus Stretch (chair sit + lotus)
10) Uneven Pose
11) Warrior Pose A / B

Sitting Poses
1) Four Limbed Staff Pose
2) Seated Forward Fold
3) Extended Inverse – hands down, lift up hips, feet flat on ground 4) Hurdle Pose
5) Half Bound Lotus Pose
6) Ray of Light Pose A, B, C
7) Boat Pose
8) Bridge Pose
MARY: Lotus Pose + Meditation
Welcome back 2%
Three year anniversary for F3 Capital coming up
COT: As we age gracefully, it’s important to remember our pliability and flexibility. Yoga is a good outlet to focus on balance and staying limber. Yoga means union (mind + body)

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