Channeling The Force

AO: DelphiQIC: Gadget
PAX: Ashe, Nano, Zeus, Dunder, Hoolihan, Glee, Swish, Rambler, Obadiah.

WarmUp: Arm Circles, Good Mornings, Merkins, Air Squats, Downward Dogs.

The Thang:
Three rounds of the following exercises, running to and fro the 30yrd line with a coupon in between each set of exercises.
Round 1: 15 reps each – Shoulder Taps, Jump Squats, Werewolves/Dive Bombers, Lunges w/ coupon, Back Rows w/ coupon, Wood Chopper w/ coupon, Shoulder Press w/ coupon, Peter Parkers, Burpees.
Round 2 & 3: Rinse and repeat but only 5 reps of each exercise.

Mary: Freddy Mercuries, Flutter Kicks, Mt. Climbers, SSHs.

The PAX was reminded of/encouraged to support the May 1-9th Assist Pregnancy Center’s Virtual Walk Run Ride for Life 2021. Details in the #3rdf channel.

COT: "Luminous beings are we, not this crude matter." The quote from Master Yoda reminds us that the energy and spirit within us is more powerful than apparent physical appearance or prowess.

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