5/3 LoCo Manion WOD

AO: LoCo Wolverine

PAX: Dial-tone, Refueler, Scranton, Hoff, Bolt, Mater, Shute, Renaldo, Nolan, Gigawatt, Crotch Rocket

QIC: Riker

WU: SSH x20 IC, IW x 10 IC, HBW x 10 IC, Kobra Kai press x 10, Downward Dog

THE THANG: Manion WOD: vest or Ruck sack 400meter then 29 back squats (modified without bars with vest/Ruck sack + coupon)
Loosen out mosey

MARY: Battle ropes, LBC or Plank hold (only 5 ropes so we got choices), Australian Snow Angels, Side plank (flap Jack), back plank


TRAVIS MANION, 1980-2007

The Man Whose Life Inspires Others

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