#thepatriot Wandering Workout

Wandering Workout

AO: #thepatriot

QIC: @WeddingSinger

The PAX: Bone, Elvis, Flipper, Obadiah, Lazlo, Cable Guy

WarmUp: SSH, Arm Circles, Michael Phelps, Downward Dog, Cobra Kai, Cherry Pickers, WMH

TheThang: Mosey to front of Yorktown High School
10 Step ups IC
10 Derkins
Repeat 5x

Mosey to Knights of Columbus
Bear crawl to front
10 plank jacks IC

10 shoulder taps IC
10 Squats
Repeat 3x
Lunge Walk to Street

Mosey to Greenbier Playground
10 dips
10 merkins
Repeat 3x

Mosey to pull-up bars
One turn, do as many as you can. Benchmark: Obadiah went first.

Straight let crunches – 10 IC
American Hammers – 20 IC
Freddie Mercies – 20 IC
Bird Dogs – 10 each side
Side Plank Twists – 10 each side
Side Plank Crunch – 10 each side
Supermans – 10 each side, 10 all limbs
Glute bridge – 10 IC
Flutter Kicks – 20 IC

COT: On this day in 1954, the Salk polio vaccine trials began. Over the next year, 1.8 million school children would participate, but the first shot was administered at Franklin Sherman Elementary School in McLean, less that four miles from our AO. A year later, the vaccine was deemed safe and polio was for the most part eliminated. We are physically near vaccine history, and we are living during vaccine breakthroughs. Things are getting better!

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