4/19 LoCo Mosey

AO: LoCo Bulldog

The PAX: Treadstone, Waterhammer, Mutumbo, Scranton, Hoff, Brisket, Mater, Gigawatt, Dial-tone, Bolt, Banjo(WV)

QIC: Rikers

WU: 15 IC SSH, Hairy Rockettes 15 IC, Michael Phelps 20 IC, calf raises on the curb 20, buttkickers

The Thang:

Mosey with pain stations (2.5ish mi)

Elliot Dr Stop 1- Carolina Dry Docks 20 count

O T Dr Stop 2- Walking Lunges, midway flip to Reverse walking lunges (what was I thinking)

G St Stop 3- Decline Merkin 20 count (watch for incoming car…we won! 😆)

Agape Methodist Stop 4- Prayer squat 30 count

United Bank Stop 5- Derkin 20 count- cash in those diamonds

Bush Tabernacle Stop 6- Apollo Ohno at the skating rink 30 IC

A St/ Telegraph crossroads Stop 7- Crucible Werkins 20 count

Take the hill back to Mary/ COT


Pickle pointer 25 count, Kobra Kai press 25 count, side plank with hip dip 15 count (flap Jack), Australian Snow Angel 20 IC, Pickle pointer 25 count…TIME

COT: In the face of adversity and when we want to quit or it just seems stupid to keep going (especially when you Q had you running around town against all that is in you) resiliency pays out as God created you for more. Pushing past what the world tells us we can’t do, should t do, or when you minds says this is just pointless…keep pushing. We His salt and light for this world.



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