LoCO-Purcellville 500- 4-16-2021

Purcellville 500 Raceway
AO: LVCC-Loudoun Valley Community Center
QIC: Bobcat

The PAX: We had a total of 14- Pre, Gigawatt, Dial-Tone, Brisket, Nolan, Bolt, Shute, Hoff, Scranton, Boone, Water hammer, Mater, Banjo, Inglewood, Bobcat.

WU: Warmup (SSH, cherry pickers, side stretches, cobra Kai, DD)
Thang- 1 minute plank to kick it off to Shimmy Shimmy Ya, Partner Teams – Team 1 (lap around the community center ~.25mile) while Partner 2 does continuous exercise. Continued trading on and off for 30 minutes

Rounds- 1-Merkins, 2-Squats, 3-Burpees, 4-Balboas, 5-Shoulder Press

Mary-ABC Abs in circle to “explosions in the sky”, 50-Freddie Mercuries


Act in Humility– Being humble is mentioned in the Bible 100 times!! Note-this does not include all the verses that talk about overcoming pride. The practice of humility is absent in our society and full of materialism. Neighbors, friends, family concentrate on houses, titles, jobs, clothes, sex, power, etc. We should always stay grounded and humble in the eyes of the Lord. Be the example for your wife, children, brothers. Dan read from the Book, Strong Fathers, Strong Daughters, by Meg Meeker- pg 77. “A father’s humility is his gift to his daughter”

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