FreeState Honoring the Life of Capitol Police Officer Billy Evans Killed in the Line of Duty

AO: #freestate

QIC: @Horshack

PAX: 3 – @Winston, @Deagle

Warm up:

· Officer Evans was born on 2.18.80. His older sister Julie remembers him as an annoying little brother in his youth who loved to play pranks.

o SSH x 25 IC

o Arm Circles x 18 IC

o Frankensteins x 18 IC

o Cherry Pickers x 18 IC

o 3 Laps around the Blacktop with Kareoke on the Sides

o Imperial Walkers x 18 IC

o Windmills x 18 IC

o Little Baby Crunches x 80 IC

The Thang: Workout (Grab a Coupon)

· Graduated HS in 1998 Drury HS and was on the baseball team

o 1 set of 19 Mountain Climbers

o 1 set of 98 Coupon Chest Press IC

· Graduated in 2002 from Western New England College – enjoyed bowling with friends

o 2 sets of 20 Coupon Squats IC

· Joined Capitol Police in 2003. Fellow Officers called him the "King of the North" because he was assigned at the North Barricade

o 3 sets of 20 Upward Press

· Served in the First Responder Unit for 18 years. During his time off, Billy loved to play board games with family on vacation

o 4 sets of 18 Alternating Lunges IC

· Family of Three: wife Shannon and 2 kids Logan and Abigail who called him “Daddioski”

o 3 sets of 20 Curls IC

· Died on 04.02.21. Before his death, he had participated with local baseball and bowling leagues in Burke VA where he lived with his family

o 2 sets of 21 Jump Overs

· Billy was 41 Years Old when he died

o 1 set of 41 Dips


· Officer Evans will lie in honor in the Rotunda today 4.13.21

o 4 Sets of 13

§ Leg Lift Rosalitas

§ Reverse Crunches

§ Dying Cockroach

§ Big Boy Sit Ups

· William “Billy” Evans will be buried in Adams MA 4.15.21

o 4 Sets of 15

§ Plankorama 15 Count

§ Side Crunches 15 each side

§ Freddie Mercuries

§ Flutters


· Self-directed stretching

· YHC finished reading Officer Evans’ Obituary

· Discussed obituaries and the personal side of losing loved ones, going beyond the headlines.

· Thanked @Deagle for transferring to a larger pole on the Shovel Flag so that the flag wouldn’t touch the ground.

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