3-24-2021 LOCO Body of Armor

3-24-2021 LOCO Body of Armor

AO: BRMS-Bulldog
QIC: Bobcat
PAX:15 strong- Pre, Dial-Tone, Bolt, MicroChip, Shute, Refueler, Gigawatt, Briskett, Nolan, HOFF, Mutombo, Husker, Boone, Ratatouille, Bobcat

Temperature: Cloudy- 55 Degrees! and raining

Warm up

  • SSH, Phelps/arm circles, side stretches, DD/Cobra Kai

Jimmy Eat World-“Sweetness”= Run in place and Burpee for every (whoa oh-oh-oh-oh)= ~40 Burpees

Partner Up (2 man)

1-Parking Lot- “Dr Feelgood” Motley Crue 4:40

  • Partner 1 holds Plank on Coupon/ switch and continuous
  • Bear crawls, crawl bear across parking lot

2-Cusacks—“Youth of the Nation” POD 4:16, “In Your Eyes” Peter Gabriel 3:45= 8:01

  • Partner 1 Mountain Climbers /switch and continuous
  • Counts- “Cusack walk”, Squats, Lunges, Triceps, Walk across parking lot

3-Foundation Legs- “Levee Breaks” Led Zepplin =7:08

  • Partner 1-ATMS/switch and continuous
  • Side Squats, Duck Walk, Alligator Merkins, tricep extensions across parking lot


  • Alphabet ABCs-on your six
  • Big Boy Crunches/ American Hammers
  • In and outs
  • “Dancing Bears”

COT for today

Jesus “Is”, God is– remember that adding an adjective limits him. We cannot fathom what the Lord is. We are in difficult times. There is an attack on Church, Marriage, Males, Fathers, Family, and children of faith. Society needs strong male figures to lead; Men of character and high-ideals. This can be very intimidating and feel like we fall short. Simply-in everything you do “Ask Him to walk with you” This is the Best advice I ever got and personally try to make this a practice in everything I do (conflict, work, trips, feeling joyful, nervous, down OR distant)-it doesn’t matter. Always ask HIM to walk with you!

POEM- Footsteps, closeout prayer @Pre

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