Body Builder Blast

AO: Delphi

QIC: IceRoad

The PAX: Dunder, Hooligan, Zeus, Gadget, Judo, Nano, Rambler, PopFly, Roddick, Ashe, El Niño

SSH x 15, IC
Michael Phelps x 15, IC
Butt Kicks 10 yards
High Knees 10 yards

The Thang:
Circuit course on soccer field. Begin in the center circle with one station at each corner of the field. PAX choose which station to run to. At each station there are 3 exercises labeled 1-3. After completing exercise 1, PAX run back to center circle and do 8 count body builders x 10. PAX then run to next station and perform exercise number 1. This repeates until all 4 stations have been visited and exercise 1 has been completed. The second round is the same concept except completing exercise 2. Continue on with exercise 3 in 3rd round.
Station 1: 1. 20 yard out and back inch worm
2. 20 yard out and back lunge
3. 40 high to low planks

Station 2: 1. 80 SSH
2. 30 Tuck squat jumps
3. 40 Air squats

Station 3: 1. 30 Hand release Merkins
2. 80 Mountain climbers
3. 30 Shoulder tap Merkins

Station 4: 1. 20 yard out and back bear crawl
2. 20 yard out and back broad jumps
3. 20 yard out and back Spiderman

Big Boy sit ups x 20 IC
Oblique sit ups x 20 each side IC
Penguin crunch x 20 IC

"Life is a lively process of becoming" Gen. Douglas McArthur. Live life to continually better yourself, your brothers, and your community.

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