Sad stories

AO: Horizon

QIC: Lazlo

The PAX: @3mile, @kodiak, @magoo, @disco, @maj.Payne

Warmup: SSH, hillbillies, Moroccan Nightclubs, cherry pickers

It was an icy morning at #horizon-ao but that didn’t deter six brave pax from showing up to find out what sort of nonsense we would come up with. The QIC couldn’t decide if the parking lot was any better than the field, it was all ice, so after a brief warmup we trekked over the the covered cafeteria patio, started some tunes, and got to work. At least that’s what would have happened if the QIC didn’t have a juvenile curiosity about what kind of exercises would work well on ice. But after a quick experiment to find out, we returned to our regular programming.

The Thang:

The first exercise was on the icy turf outside the patio. Remember the scene in Bambi when he’s sliding around on the ice? The PAX did a nominal bear crawl back and forth across the small field, but dubbed it the “Bambi crawl.” @3mile realized that on ice there’s no need to lift your hands off the ground and moved faster than I can run. The rest of us looked pretty much exactly like Bambi. It was awesome. I don’t remember that movie exactly. I think it was sad. But this exercise made the QIC very happy.

We then moved to the patio and split into four stations, rotating until a 5 minute timer stopped us. The coupon station timed the rotation. For round 1, the exercises were:

1. 10 blockies
2. Merkins
3. BWS
4. LBCs

Round 2:
1. 15 thrusters
2. Dips
3. Wall sit
4. Flutter kicks

Round 3:
1. 20 kettlebell swings
2. Balls to the wall
3. Monkey humpers
4. Big boys

Round 4:
1. 10 jump-over burpees
2. Alt side plank
3. Toe taps
4. Heels to heaven

Mary: By the time we made it back we were over time. So Mary was an ice trek.

Then, while chatting about Q Source, the QIC jumped straight to COT. The problem? No count-o-Rama, no name-o-Rama. Just totally spaced out. So a sad ending to an otherwise great time with the PAX.

COT: The night before the ice fest, the M asked why I don’t just take the day off when it’s so bad out there. I didn’t have a great answer ready, but did think about it. It’s because of you guys. I definitely wouldn’t be out there for 1st F on my own. But knowing this group is going to post us enough. Especially in these times, seeing you guys in the morning is my 2nd F also, and I’m very grateful to have it. So the best thing we can do is share it, and grow the group, and pass it forward.

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