02/15/2021 Horizon Back Blast: “One HIIT Wonder”

AO: Horizon

QIC: Mayberry

The PAX: 3Mile, Mayberry, Sunshine, Einstein, Magoo, Attaché, Disco, Bone, Graffiti.

WarmUp: SSHs, IBACs, CPs, WMHs, DDs, CKs

The Thang: The PAX teamed up to perform a series of Dora-esque exercises to eight classic songs from over the years while their partners made their way to the end of the field and back by either running, running backwards, doing karaoke, or skip jumping. Here’s the playlist:

Chumbawumba, “Tubthumping”: burpies

The Proclaimers, “500 Miles”: lunges

Outkast (Big Boi feat. Sleepy Brown), “The Way You Move”: big boi situps

Salt n’ Peppa, “Push It”: merkins of all types

The Monkees, “Hey Hey We’re the Monkees”: monkey humpers

DNCE, “Cake by the Ocean”: coupon curls

House of Pain, “Jump Around”: jump squats

Panic! At the Disco, “High Hopes”: coupon presses

Mary by Mayberry: We started out with a “Song of Fire,” wherein the PAX held the plank position and did shoulder taps throughout “Song 2” by Blur, pausing to leap into the air with every “Woo-Hoo!”; LBCs and flutter kicks to take us home.

COT: The songs we exercised to today were all essentially “One-Hit Wonders,” or songs that wormed their way into our ears for a month or two only to disappear into obscurity as we moved on to other things. Don’t let F3 be a One-Hit Wonder in your life, just a passing fad or phase you try out for a spell. Make goals and stick with them; make F3 a permanent part of your weekly routine.

Brandon D. Almond
troutman pepper
Direct: 202.274.2864 | Mobile: 540.460.8324 | Internal: 12-2864

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