Honoring our Presidents

Presidents Day Q

Sparta, Feb 12, 2021


PAX: Ashe, Yardsale, Derecho, El Niño, PopFly, Nano, Gadget, Zeus,

Warm up:

Fellowship jog, 2 laps around freshly snow covered track.

Theme: Presidents’ Day selected in Feb in honor of our 1 president Washington, his Bday Feb 22

46 presidents

19 presidents served more than 1 term

8 presidents died while in office: Harrison, Taylor,Lincoln, Garfield, McKinley, Harding, Roosevelt, Kennedy

15 Were VP’s before becoming President

The Thang:

8 Rounds:

46 Air Squats

19 Merkins

15 burpees

Each PAX led different round.

Ran out of Time for Mary

Group stayed behind to knock out Monthly Challenge ab of the day.


Gratitude. Thankful to parents, grandparents, siblings whoever help us get to where we are today. Think of our lives with out there guidance and support. Be very grateful for those that have helped each of us. How can we pay that forward?

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