9 PAX gathered on a crisp, no…a wicked cold morning expecting a Groundhog Day festival. What they got was a bit different, with a splash of Payne. Here’s what happened…

AO: Horizon

QIC: Maj Payne

The PAX: Magoo, 3-Mile, Brown Bag, Disco, Derail, Mayberry, Kombucha, Kodiak

WU: 20 x SSH, 10 x IW, 10 x WMH, 10 x Cherry Pickers, 10 x BWS. Let’s go!!

The Thang: Mosey onward to the playground for 3 x 10 Aussie Push-ups combined with 3 x 10 suspended Merkins on the ropes. Mosey again, bear crawl through the bike rack, then traverse the monkey bars. Continue to the parking lot for 1 x burpee per parking line moving all the way to the end for 24 x burpees. Once finished, plank until the 6 is in, then knock out 10 x Merkin. Bring it back on the other side for 3 x Big Boy Sit-ups per parking line. 17 lines equals 51 BBSUs! Once finished, Dead bug until the six is in, then knock out 25 x LBCs. We’re moving again! Mosey to the Discovery covered area for 3 sets of Step-ups and Derkins. 5 x high derkins / 20 x Step-ups, 10 x medium Derkins / 15 x Step-ups, 20 x Merkins / 10 x Step-ups. Let the mosey continue around the school to the Williamsburg entry for 3 x 15 Dips and 3 x 15 Lunges. Moving once again to the basketball court for a perimeter bear crawl. Once all PAX finish, knock out 10 x Merkin. Keeping it going bc it’s cold outside! Round the loop to the Discovery entry and circle it up.

Mary: 20 x Flutter Kick, 20 x Freddie Mercury, 20 x Heels to Heaven, 20 x Penguin Crunches, 50 x LBC.

Announcements: ARC Saturday! And see the monthly challenge — Abs to 80s tunes!

COT: Life throws curve balls, and we’ve got to be ready for them. F3 helps us to be mentally and physically ready to handle anything life throws at us, whether it be because we are physically fit or because we have this fellowship and faith that strengthen our minds and spirits. Be ready for whatever life throws your way! You can’t lead effectively if your not fit — mind, body and spirit!


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