Four corners in the snow!

AO: Delphi

QIC: Nano

The PAX: Hightower, Pop Fly, Gadget, and YNAB (aka Kesha).

Warm-up:. SSH, Willie Mayes Haze, Arm Circles, Good mornings (with a clap for Mule).

The Thang: We had four cinderblocks, for four corners, and one timer with a 25# plate and sled. The PAX with the plate and sled slid down the Delphi hill while the rest did their exercises. Which included:

Round 1:
Calf raises, gravediggers, squats, forward rows.

Round 2&3:
Overhead press, curls, lunges, CB swing

Round 5:
Blockies, the entire time

We Incorporated the monthly challenge which included LBCs, gas pumps, and heals to heaven while listening to Sinead O’Connor, "Nothing compares."

We had time for two rounds of ring of fire: merkins and monkey humpers.

COT: Enduring through hardships molds you into a man.

Check out those smiling faces!

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