BurpeeFest Transport at FreeState

AO: #FreeState
QIC: @Horshack
PAX: 4 – @Disco (welcome!), @Winston, @Deagle, @Horshack

Warm Up

· Side Straddle Hops-25 IC

· Chinooks-10 IC Each Way / Little & Wide

· Mountain Climbers-15 IC

· Cherry Pickers-15 IC

· 3 Laps around blacktop-

· Alarm Clocks-10 IC

· Harry Rockettes-15 IC each side

· Willie Mays Hayes-15 each direction

· Windmills-15 IC

The Thang- 20 Transports Diagonal Across Blacktop w/ 100 Burpees-

· Lunge Walk-5 Burpees

· Gorilla Shuffle-5 Burpees

· Crab Walk (forward/reverse)-5 Burpees

· Bear Crawl (forward/reverse)-5 Burpees

· Murder Bunnies -5 Burpees

· Kareoke (half each side)-5 Burpees

· Broad Jump-5 Burpees

· Sideways Hop-5 Burpees

· Chaffers (straight legs)-5 Burpees

· Sprint-5 Burpees

· Wheel Barrow (half way)-5 Burpees

· Side Lunges (half each side)-5 Burpees

· Hop on one Foot (left / right)-5 Burpees

· Alabama Ass Kickers-5 Burpees

· Frankensteins-5 Burpees

· Fee-Fi-Fo-Fum (squared legs)-5 Burpees

· Skip-5 Burpees

· High Knees-5 Burpees

· Hopscotch -5 Burpees

· El Capitan-5 Burpees


· Floyd Mayweather Punch Planks-10 Each Side IC

· Reverse Crunch-20 IC

· Windshield Wipers-15 IC

· Side Crunches-10 IC Each Side

· E2Ks-15 IC

· Leg Lifts-15 IC

· Rodeo Flutters-2 sets of 10-10-10 IC


· @Disco offered some words of wisdom about the importance of new friendships. He reflected on the movie LA Story when Steve Martin after wrote on the window “Bored Beyond Belief” and how F3 creates the opportunity to connect with new people and build friendships over time.


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