Traveling pyramid

AO: Horizon

QIC: Lazlo

The PAX: Einstein, 3 Mile, Sticks, Kodiak, Maj Payne, Brown Bag

Warmup: SSH, Imperial Walkers, M Phelps, cherry pickers

The PAX took a brief tour of north Arlington this morning to get some fresh air, the sweet smell of natural gas, and do a Q-bomb of the Patriot. Good times.

The Thang: PAX ran for 1:30 intervals, broken up by exercises, adding a new exercise at each stop. The exercises were:
-5 burpees
-10 flutter kicks
-9 plank jacks IC
-8 dry docks
-7 1 1/2 bottom-out squats
-6 curb dips
-5 burpees
-4 commandos
-3 BW squats

Throwing in a 5-burpee stop towards the end when we didn’t have a good place to stop and we’re running out of time, it came out to be a 60-burpee beat down.

Mary: American twist, shoulder taps

COT: a call to unity through community action and building our F3 brotherhood

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