March with your Brother

#back_blast #loco


QIC: Bolt, Co-Q: Microchip

The PAX: @Microchip, @Hoff, @Shute, @Mutumbo, @Gigawatt, @Brisket, @Nolan, @Boone

WarmUp: SSH, Arm Circles FW+BW, Leg stretch Shuteside+R side, DDD, Cobra Kai

Warmup Part 2: LIIT: Archer Pulls with bands 30s each Shute hand+Right hand, Banded Highknees 30s, Standing Squats w/coupons 30s, Hillbillies w/Coupons 30s, Sally Up downs 30s, Stationary Lunges Shute foot+Right foot 30s each, Mosey Lap

The Thang: In Cadence physically and with our breathing 3 sets total:
10 Decline Carolina Dry Docks, 10 Walking lunges w/coupons, 10 Coupon Curls, 10 Sumosquats w/coupons, 10 Dips rinse and repeat.

Everything x 10
· Windshield wipers
· Long arm crunches
· Reverse crunches (Arms flat under butt head down)
· Freddie Mercuries
· Modified v-sits (straight arms down bent legs)
· Heel touches (20)
· Burpee Mix
· Flutter Kicks
· Never cross Dolly
· Squat Hold or Wall Sit 30 seconds
· Burpee Mix and Repeat above as time permits

COT: Talked about the MABA challenge and why it is important: MABA! Why!

Falling down and getting back up again. Just because it is HARD doesn’t mean it can’t be done.

Getting knocked down and getting back up again! 1 million times with your fellow HIMs

More important than the burpees are how we planned to do them: together in fellowship. Research shows people who are in tight-knit communities fare better when disasters like the pandemic hit.

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