01/14/2021: Noah’s Ark at The Farm

AO: The Farm
QIC: Rocketman
The PAX: Infinity, Running Man, Chile, Rocketman


Michael Phelps x12, IC
Side Straddle Hop x 12, IC
Merkins x10, downs
Imperial Walkers x12, IC
Mosey on to the field

The Thang

Noah’s Ark

Done either across the length or width of a football or soccer field. Mix and match
these in varying combinations.

Two stations, AMRAP.

– Sprint
– Backward Sprint
– Karaoke right
– Karaoke left
– Bear Crawl
– Crawl Bear
– Backward Crab Walk
– Forward Crab Walk
– Leapfrogs
– Walking Lunges

Exercises at each end until the PAX come in:

– Merkins
– Diamond Merkins
– Elbow Plank
– Stag Walk
– Nolan Ryans
– Squats
– Burpees

6 MoM:

12 reps or so of each:

– Superman
– Big Boi Situps
– Penguin crunches
– Flutter Kicks
– Sweat Angels
– Rosalita
– Crab cakes

CoT/Words of Wisdom

A worker without genius is better than a genius who won’t work.
– Leopold Auer

We often think of gifting as the reason a person reaches his goal. "That guy started a successful company because he is just really smart! That musician is amazing because he’s just got the touch!"

But Leopold tells us that someone who works hard is better than someone with gifting. And who is this fellow? Well, he was known as an outstanding violin teacher, one sought after for gifted students, yet he highly regarded _those who put in the work more than raw gift._

In other words, those who develop the skill of tenacity, of consistency, of discipline. In our own lives we need to build discipline into your spiritual life, your work life, your family life. That is, if we ever want to get anywhere and judging by the fact you’re here, I’m guessing you do. So take that discipline it took to get up today; build on it in your labors, put in the work, and you will reap the reward.

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