AO: The BulldogQIC: GigawattThe PAX: @mutumbo @Brisket @Bobcat @microchip @gigawattWarmUp: SSH, Arm Circles, Plank w/ rotations, Lying Quad Stretch, Front lunge w/ rotation stretch, Side Bends, and of course BurpeesThe Thang: "Bodies on the Floor" 3 sets of a "High Gear" workout. Back to back exercises with no breaks until completion of all 9 exercises;10 SSH (in cadence) , 5 Burpees, 10 SSH (in cadence)
10 shoulder taps (in cadence), 5 Burpees, 10 shoulder taps (in cadence)
10 Up/ down planks (in cadence), 5 Burpees,

10 Up/ down planks (in cadence)

Intro to new exercises; 10 Dive bombers, 10 Single arm Tricep pushes (both arms), BTTW "Ball to the wall", 10 Back lifts, 10 Levitation squats (lunges), 10 Kick through burpees.

Finish with a small PAX competition. Split into two PAX. One HIM for each team sprints to a bucket filled with tennis balls with exercises on them. Grab one and return to your PAX. Complete the exercise. Rinse and repeat with a new HIM from the PAX. Continued until 10 balls have been retrieved. Final task, each HIM in the PAX goblet lunge 10x with 50lb dumbbell. First PAX to complete wins. Today, victory went to @brisket and @Microchip

Mary: Topped off our 100 burpees for the day with a variety of creative burpees.COT: Live by your values, but respect the values of your other brothers. We are living in a time of divide. Friends are losing friendship because we can’t learn to respect each other. Everyone has to be right, which makes us wrong. Let’s do our part and live respectfully even if others aren’t.

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