IPX reprise

AO: horizon_ao

QIC: Lazlo

The PAX: @3 mile , @Magoo , @Kodiak , @Bambino , @sticks , @kombucha, @citrus , @Derail , @lightspeed, @Einstein

It seemed appropriate to close 2020 with a real pain in the ass mental beatdown. Something you just have to grind through. That, or I was just in a mood. Either way the first thing that came to mind was the Iron Pax Challenge. So we did a reprise of a few 2019 IPC greatest hits.

WarmUp: SSH, imperial walkers, LBACs, copperhead squats, windmills, down dog

The Thang 1: the Killer B’s
-10 yard broad jump, 10 burpees, 10 Bonnie Blairs, 10 big boy sit ups, repeat 3x
-30 yard bear crawl back to the start
The goal was 3 rounds or 15 minutes, whichever came first. I think a few PAX just made it.

The Thang 2: Not sure this one had a name but it probably would have contained profanities. PAX retrieved coupons for:
-10 blockies
-20 OH press
-30 kettlebell swings
-40 coupon squats
-50 incline merkins
-2 laps around the field
The goal was 2 rounds or until time. A few PAX were on their second run when it was time for…

Mary: quick set of toy soldiers

COT: we’ve talked plenty about how much 2020 sucked. Fine. We can push through the suck. But what’s been great about 2020 is the growth of F3 in the Capital region. Horizon is a new AO with lots of new members, and represents what F3 is all about. Looking forward to spending time in 2021 with y’all.

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