highway to the burpee zone

AO: Horizon
QIC: 3 mile
The PAX: FNG “Lightspeed” **, Brown Bag, Magoo, Disco, Laslo, Kodiak, Fuzz, XRay, Major Payne, Mayberry, Rebar, Citrus, Maguire, Bambino
* WarmUp: SSH, LB Arm Circles, WM Hayes, Cherry Pickers, Down Dog, Updog
The Thang:
*Mosey around the field to walls (karaoke across, run along sidelines)
*3 sets of Chair sits (each pax counted down from 5) + 10 count IC chicken peckers
* broke into groups of 2: group 1: 25 merkins, group 2: chair hold (switch) /// 25 squats – chair hold (switch) /// 25 IC mtn climbers ; plank hold (switch) /// 25 IC toy soldiers; chair hold (switch)
*Mosey back to midfiled
* Q led PAX through exercises set to questionable music

* Lonely Boy – lunges + star jumps at every “lonely boy”
* Running down a dream (4) – 6” leg hold + Gas pumpers during chorus / guitar solo
* Blinded by the light (3:30) – squats + speed skaters during chorus
* Danger zone – SSH with lunges during guitar solo and burpees at every “danger zone” (~20 burpees)

* Mary: Maguire led 30 LBCs

* COT: We’re in the last month of the longest year ever. In the same way, some of these exercises felt like they’d never end (like gas pumpers during Tom Petty’s “running down a dream”). But we must press on, one rep, one step and one day at a time. F3 is a pillar and each one of us out here is helping the other get through this insane pandemic and insane number of lunges.

Note: ** FNG lightspeed improvised and came up w/ his own name; amazing improvisational work and failure on the Q’s part to explain the rules. Look forward to giving “lightspeed” his proper F3 name 🙂

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