Around the Block at Horizon 11/09/20

AO: Horizon BackBlast 11/9/2020:
Q: @Obadiah The PAX: @3Mile @Creedence @Rebar @Mayberry @Sticks @Attache and three other HIMs Warmup: SSH, Arm Circles, Can Kickers, Cherry Pickers, Calf Stretch, Cobra Kai The Thang:
Trips around the pitch with stops in the middle and corners for four sets of 25. We used large @25lb granite Nantucket pavers from YHC’s left over home improvement. grand totals:

100 Floor-to-Ceiling ball/block squats
100 CB X-over Merkins (50 each side)
88 single arm overhead presses (44-50 each side)
100 side-to-side speed jump over the Block/Bar (count only one side) 100 V-ups with a block
100 bench dips with block

#monthlychallenge is live.
F3TheCapital Shirt Orders

CoT: those eight inch blocks looked small but they got heavy. Only way to get there is to go through the pain. Look at obstacles as opportunities for strength and to get stronger.

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