Rainy Day at the Farm

AO: The FarmQIC: Infinity
The PAX: Rocketman, Chile, and Infinity

WarmUp: (under the shelter)

20 SSHs

10 Air Squats IC

12 Cherry Pickers IC

10 Don Quixotes

6 Merkins IC

12 Mountain Climbers IC

The Thang:

Five Rounds of:

  • 12 Derkins, 12 Jump-Ups, and 30-sec Wall Sit

Four Rounds of:

  • 12 Merkins, 12 Jump-Ups, and 30-sec Wall Sit

One Round of:

  • Mountain Climbers with feet on wall, 15-sec Al Gore, and 10 Tricep Dips IC

Three Rounds of:

  • 15-30 sec Balls to Wall, 15-sec Al Gore, and 10 Tricep Dips IC

Extended Mary

  • The Jamie: 20-sec Boat Pose, 20-sec In-and-Outs, and 20-sec Boat Pose

  • 10 Nolan Ryans each side IC

  • 15 Rosalita

  • 10 Dying cockroach IC

  • 15 Big Boi Sit-ups

Observations: We didn’t do any running, and mainly focused on strength and skills under the shelter, but still got a good sweat going. Rocketman engaged in mumble chatter during the dips portion of the workout, and we are getting to know him better. Soon, he will be in better shape than his brother-in-law, who told him about F3, but doesn’t do it himself (opting for something called “CrossFit” or something like that). After the CoT, we found out shovel flag had fallen over, probably due to a combination of wet, soft ground and a water-heavy flag. Rocketman picked up the flag, and it is hanging in my garage, but I may need to replace it.


The Grunt Veteran’s Day F3 convergence on Saturday, Nov 7th at 7am at the Lincoln Memorial. Note the time change with the end of Daylight Savings on Nov 1st.


We watched the Blue Pill or Red Pill Moment from the movie “The Matrix” (https://youtu.be/zE7PKRjrid4).

The Blue Pill is the Choi’s of the easy, false life of a Mascot.

The Red Pill is the choice of the hard, true life of the HIM.

The challenge is to choose the Red Pill and to keep taking it every day: The Daily Red Pill or DRP.

This is how we combat Sad Clown Syndrome.

Taking the Red Pill is deciding to a HIM. It accelerates your fitness, fellowship, and faith and moves you toward proper personal alignment. Ultimately, he becomes a man who is fulfilling the role that was designed for him by the SkyQ.

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