All legs and no fun

AO: The PatriotQIC: Lazlo

The PAX: Slapshot, Lucius, Bone, Major Payne, Citrus, Wedding Singer, Situation, Cable Guy, Maguire, Flipper, Speedo, Spokes, Roadkill, Fish Fry, Jag

16 PAX gathered on another misty morning to enjoy the gloom together. It wasn’t a leg day, it just seemed that way.

Warmup: 1 burpee, SSH, 2 burpees, Imperial Walkers, 3 burpees, cherry pickers, 4 burpees, Moroccan Night Clubs, 5 burpees

The Thang: Part 1 was 11’s. The PAX bear-crawled their way to the 20 line, did 1 Bonnie Blair per leg, lunged walked back to the start (a popular pairing, those two exercises), and completed 10 coupon thrusters. Repeato, counting up to 10 Bonnie Blairs and down to 1 thruster.

The PAX seemed to enjoy this so much that Part 2 was another round of 11’s, a bit lighter on the legs this time. Just a mosey to the 20 and back. The exercises were 1 Mike Tyson, 10 curl-presses, and repeato like before.

Mary: Captain Thor, pyramid to 6 and back. Toy Soldiers.

COT: The Boy Scout motto is "Be prepared." It’s good advice, but also important to realize that sometimes in life you’ll find yourself unprepared, like the QIC was this morning. But we all have people we can turn to when you need help. F3 is full of them. Take a minute to think about who those people are in your life. Thank them if you can, even if they haven’t done anything. And do your best to be that person for someone else in your life.

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