Touring With Lt Dan

AO: The Patriot

QIC: Maj Payne

The PAX: Lucius.Road Kill, Bone, Wedding Singer, Speedo, Slapshot, Spokes, Citrus, Grease Monkey, Cable Guy

On this cool misty Monday morning, 11 pax, including Speedo, one of the OG, forced themselves out of the door and into the gloom for a classic traveling F3 workout. Guest appearances by Lt. Dan and the Merkin Bear made for a memorable experience, and a solid beatdown was had by all!  

WU: Mosey to pick up coupons and on to the basketball court. Place the coupons on the ground for later use. 10 x SSH, 10 x IW, 10 x LBAC front and rear, 10 x WMH, 10 x Cherry Pickers, 10 x BWS, 10 x Merkins IC

The Thang:
–       Mosey to the Arena. (10 x Box Jump Squats IC, 10 x Derkins) x 3
–       Mosey to the Tennis Court. (10 x Coupon Atlas Press IC, 20 x Mountain Climber IC) x 2
–       Mosey to Side Parking Lot. Lt Dans to 10
–       Mosey to far side of school. Merkin Bears to 6
–       Mosey to Tennis Court to grab Coupons for (Squat Thrusters x 10, SSH x 10) x 2
– Mosey to back to Field. 

Mary: 33 x Flutter kicks.
COT: Integrity is contagious. When YHC was in Louisville, one of the PAX at GrowRuck 21 was a HIM who displayed true integrity by holding strong to a commitment he made to his family and his employer about wearing a mask anytime he was in a group, even when most others chose not to do so. He wore one during the Friday Rally event. As the weekend progressed, and he continued to wear his mask, it impacted the cadre decision to require masks for the entire 14 hour ruck event crusher. This is not a story about whether one should wear a mask or not, but instead about doing something even though it may not be a popular option. His integrity inspired others. It was contagious in a very positive way. YHC encourages everyone to find ways to inspire others through your positive actions. Remember that one man’s actions can inspire many many others to positive actions. Do everything you can to be that man. 


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