The Spartan 300!

Sparta: The Spartan 300!!

Oct 16, 2020


PAX: Infinity, Zeus, Ashe, El Niño, Derecho , Roddick


Fellowship jog around track. Stop halfway for SSH, GoodMorning, Arm Circle, Downward Dog stretches. Then continue jog, with butt kickers, high knees. Finish the lap easy pace, shacking legs loose. Theme of the 300, is to push yourself to failure, then keep going. Control your mind, don’t quit, keep pushing and to motivate each other to complete the 3,000!

The Thang:

Split into 2 groups, at each halfway point of track.

Sprint 200, 10 burpees, 20 big boy sit-ups, 30 merkins, 40 air squats = 300

Repeat until you accomplish 3,000 (10 series or 5 laps around track). Record your completion time.

Ran out of time for Mary.


Thankful for the group to continue to push to be better men everyday! Played video of David Googins, 40% rule.

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