AO: The HighlandsQIC: Toolbox
PAX: Jenner and Toolbox
WarmUp: Single leg static lunge, windmills, cherry pickers, imperial squat walkers, mosey the parking lot.
The Thang: tabata style 30on 15 off. OYO:Round 1:LOWER BODY: bonnie blair with a side hop, ratchet squat (squat with a twist), prisoner walk up (hands on head start on knees and step up into squat and return to knees, rinse and repeat other side) sidewinders (start in kneeling finger guns to the R then swivel around to finger guns to the L switching kneeling position burning through the entire 30s)
Round 2: UPPER BODY: Hover hops (hold half ‘murican and jump feet in and out), step through ‘murican, toe tap ‘murican’ and hover pulse (hold low ‘murican position and pulse up and down).
Round 3:CORE: twisting piston (low plank hold with knee jumps side tobside), black widows (High plank knee to opposite forearm then upper arm then lower arm, rinse repeat opposite side), lateral mountain climbers, V sit pulses.
Slow mosey and recover to the field for a ladder style beatdown: half lap in between each round of exercise. Each round includes the previous exercises followed by another half lap…etc.
5 burpees
10 ‘muricans
15 LBCs
20 Carolina dry socks
25 air squats
2 final rounds of 75%-100% sprints
MARY: hands overhead Flutter kicks IC, Penguin crunches IC, starfish crunch single count (also called cockroach crunch), and finally boat to canoe with brutal holds (thanks Jenner).
CoT: during this Pandemic I have had a lot of time to reflect on my life, my family, my friends, my station. I have felt an overwhelming sense of gratitude. At the beginning of the "Great Pause" (start of the Pandemic) I lost my job, but have been so thankful for the luck I have had with having help from family and friends to bridge the gap between Jobs, have been luck to have the ability to homeschool my kids, spend quality time with them, be able to provide for them, be healthy and to have family and friends who are healthy and making their ways through to the other side. I am lucky to have friends like you all in the F3 brotherhood who I know if I called on for help, would be there to lend a hand and pick up the six. I am a lucky man, and for this I am thankful. Take a look at your situation and find your luck. Be thankful and be well. "Embrace the suck"

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