Compound: Enjoying the view from the Top!

Weds, Oct 7, 2020

Compound: Enjoying the view from the Top!


PAX: Buffay, Obadiah, Roddick, El Niño, Derecho, Ashe


20 cadence SSH, Good morning, wind mill, downward dog & cobra kai, WMH stretches. Followed by fellowship jog to Mosaic parking deck, bobbing & weaving working on agility.

The Thang:

Burpee deck climb.

Start on first level: bottom 5 burpees, sprint up ramp, 35 cadence SSH.

Second level 10 burpees, sprint, 30 cadence SSH.

Third level 15 burpees, sprint, 25 cadence SSH.

Forth level 20 burpees, sprint, 20 cadence SSH.

Fifth level 25 burpees, sprint, 15 cadence SSH.

Sixth level 30 burpees, sprint, 10 cadence SSH.

Enjoy the view from the top deck.

Jog down the stairs to level 3, then bear crawl across pedestrian bridge.

Once all together on the bottom, group set up for Rickie Bobbie jog back to athletic fields.


Flutter kicks, hip raises, Freddie mercuries.


Monthly Challenge, get your miles in and recorded.

Nov 7 Vets Day CSAUP, The Grunt, look for details to be posted on Slack.

Find time to Enjoy the Moment. Lots of stress around, so find the time to take a deep breath and enjoy your accomplishments.

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