Gadget’s VQ @ Delphi

AO: Delphi
QIC: Gadget

The PAX: Dunder, Glee, Nano, Pop Fly, Slider, Wham-O, YNAB, Zeus.

WarmUp: Fellowship jog around the perimeter of the football field, SSHs, Merkins, LBCs, Squats.

Thang 1: The Al Carmichael (Modified) – Knerkins, Mountain Climbers, Dying Cockroaches, Squats, Burpees, Bonnie Blairs. The Pax lines up at the end zone, sprints to the other end zone and does10 reps of an exercise. Do six sets, one per exercise.

Thang 2: 11s – 10 sets of Dips / Jump Squats, running the width of the field between each set.

6 MInutes of Mary: Shoulder Taps, Heels to Heaven, Straight Leg Crunches, Flutter Kicks, Superman, Freddie Mercury’s.




CSAUP The Grunt at Lincoln Memorial on Nov. 7 to commemorate Veterans Day.

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