Chop Suey!

Start Time: 04:30

End Time: 05:20

Weather: 50s with 90% humidity

AO: Arundel High School (Site to be named later)

Q: Counselor

PAX: Animal, Chew Toy


Opened with 5 Core Principles of F3, Side straddle hop, arm circles (forward, backward), windmills, 400m Mosie.

The Thang

This workout consists of 14 exercises from various AO’s within F3Annapolis region, (AHS, Beastgate, The Forge, Vortex) – 2 minute 14 rounds with a 30 second break in between each exercise.

Good Morning (Hands Behind Ears)
Dips on Coupon
The Brick Merkin
The Atlas
Curl with Press
Kettlebell Swing
Coupon Shoulder Press
Devin Hester (Run with coupon for 30 yards and back)
20 Merkins, then broad jump 30 yards.
Coupon Press on back
Bear Crawl Merkin
Coupon Deadlift

CoR, NoR, announcements – upcoming cornhole tournament (10/24 6pm-10pm), prayer.

Sources: Previous 13 F3 Annapolis posts.

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