AO: #thehighlands
QIC: @toolbox

The PAX: @trolly, @katniss

The warmup: side straddle hops, squat flutter arms (picture squatting ducks trying to take flight), modified Michael Phelps, windmills, cherry pickers, IBAC, imperial squat walkers, mosey.

The Thang: tabata merkin progression: 15s on, 20s off 4 rounds of each exercise: arm release plyo merkin, prowler merkin (picture spiderman merkins with a press back onto haunches), derkins, step out wide merkin, and shoulder tap merkin.
Mosey around the park to the playground for continuation of EMOM workout: 10 airsquat, 10 LBCs, 10 side straddle hops, and 5 pullups EMOM for 10 mins with changing pullup grips.

Mary: WW1s, windshield wipers, split leg Jack knives, and black widow crunch.

QOT: small things build up to big things. As with a workout, so too do things build up in life. Chip away piece by piece at the days issues and you can overcome. Life’s issues are the big tree, and we are the small axe. Chop ’em down!
Be well and good day!

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