Official Launch The Farm

AO: The Farm

Date: Sept 19, 2020


PAX: 37 video includes all PAX, with 6 FNG’s: Dinger, Bluffin, Silver Bullet & his 2.0’s Blitz & Salto, and Infinity 2.0 Buzz,

Warm up:

Fellowship jog around field. 20 SSH, Chain-breakers, Windmills, WillieMaysHayes, Downward Dog, 10 Mtn Climbers, CobraKai, hamstring stretch, 10 Bonnie Blairs

Split into 4 groups, line up on soccer lines: Egg shell ladder climb 10 yards, alternating hops 10 yards, single leg hop 2x for both legs, bunny hop

The Thang:

F3 Four-Square: maintaining 4 groups:

Round 1

Station 1: 10 burpees

Station 2: 20 cadence SSH

Station 3: 30 Mountain Climbers

Station 4: 40 Bonnie Blair’s

Walk Lunge to rotate stations

Round 2

Station 1: 10 reverse burpee

Station 2: 20 hand-release merkins

Station 3: 30 plank should taps

Station 4: 40 LBC’s

Walk Lunge to rotate stations

Capture the Handball

Split the group into 2 teams

Objective to capture ball and return to your side.

After you cross midfield, tag opposite team. If tagged he/she goes back, does 3 push up/merkins, then back in play.

Once the ball is captured, handball rules, no more tagging. Pass to your team mates to get the ball back to your side. 2.0 must touch the ball twice to cross. If you have the ball, you can tag opposing team, if tagged he/she drops for 3 merkins.

60 seconds to strategize with your team.


Flutter kicks, LBC’s and Heals to Heaven


Infinity welcome all to The Farm.

Growth & development happens when you

Breakout of your Comfort Zone. Here’s what I found when I Googled this, many similarities to why we come out for F3.

Take nothing for granted

Switch up your routine

Move towards your fears

Give up control

Ask questions other people don’t like to

Start conversations with strangers

Keep a list of Growth Goals

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