Part Uno Deux Annapolis

More than 100 years ago Ford built something that revolutionized the world today, let’s do something today that will revolutionize our world 100 years from now

[ ] SSH 4×20
[ ] Merkins 4×20
[ ] Copperhead Squats 4×20
[ ] LBACs: Forward, Seal claps, Chinooks, reverse…hold between each for 10sec..4×20 each
[ ] Lap

Thang- 12s
[ ] Burpee (start w/ 1 and go up)
[ ] Lt Dan (start w/11 and go down)

[ ] Flutter kicks 4×20
[ ] Planks 10sec hold
[ ] Nolan Ryan 4×20
[ ] Randy Johnson 4×20
[ ] Planks 10secs hold


Moleskin: There was minimal mumble chatter from the PAX today but the boys were getting after it today. Solid effort by all!!!

COT: YHC closed out with a prayer to stay on the path, get folks back on the path, for the injured to get stronger, and to be there for all!

Thank you men for the opportunity to serve!



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