Take Cindy Block to the Bell

AO: Olympus

QIC: Pop Fly

The PAX: Hightower, Roddick, Ashe, and the dynamic duo: El Nino & Derecho

WU:  SSH, Leg Swings, Imperial Walkers, Calf Stretch, 4 Burpees, Arm Circles

The Thang: 
Round 1: 300 Kettle Bell Swings
— Perform Kettlebell swings until you reach 300
— Every minute, on the minute, perform Burpee(s) to match elapsed time. Start with 1 Burpee after 1 minute, the 2 Burpees after 2 minutes, 3 burpees after three minutes, etc.

— PAX stop upon completing 300 Kettlebell swings, or if named Ashe, you break your Cindy Block.

— Hightower brought the base-pumping speaker to keep PAX focused on the repetition of swinging a cinder block 300 times. Burpees become a welcomed active recovery exercise after each minute

Round 2: 1 Mile Mosey
4 Rounds of:
– 25 Merkins
– 25 Air Squats
– 25 Sit-Ups
– 400M run

Mary: See above

COT: It’s about the work you put in when no one is looking.

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