Take Me Out to the Ball Game

Q: Fish Fry

AO: The Patriot

Conditions: 75 degrees, humid, wet from storms last night

Pax: Sticks, Citrus, Wedding Singer, DNR Pax Slim from Louisville, DNR Pax Xray from Mountain View, Lucius, Cable Guy, Coconuts, Choo Choo, Fish Fry, Lazlo, Mayberry

Warm O’Rama: SSH, LBACs, Good Mornings, Downward Dog, Puppy Dog, Thread the Needle, Dragon Pose

The Thang:

Pax assembled on the Field of Dreams for some exercises to build their bodies for baseball. Pacer was a runner going around the bases and then rotating around the field, 3rd base coach, bench and on deck positions.

Runner exercises: 1st at bat were overhead block carry around the bases, 2nd at bat was bear crawl around the bases. YHC should have looked up the dimensions for an adult diamond as the bear crawl wound up be 120 yards. Whoof. YHC also attempted a break with a 7th inning stretch rendition of “Take Me Out to the Ball Game” between the first and second at bat. Seeing that effort falling on it’s face, he moved on to the dreadful bear crawl around the bases.

The remaining pax rotated positions as the runner completed his base run and did AMRAPs of the following exercises.

C-Squat Thrusters to work on getting low to catch the ball

P-Side Lunge to help with the wind up

3rd-Stationary Inch Worms to practice diving for those grounders

SS—Dead Stops Block Bells to work on those scoops

2nd—Curls to build biceps to pitch the ball for the 2-3-1 double play

1st—Front Lunges to stretch out for that throw

RF-Reverse Burpees. Since RF has nothing to do most of the time. This helps to work from getting up off the ground onto your feet.

CF-Backward Run to Fence and jump to touch top to rob the batter of that homer.

LF—Tricep Extensions for the long throw to cutoff to second

3rd Base Coach—Signal Taps to guide the runner

Dug Out (Work your way down the list until you are on deck)

Butt to Bench Squats

Al Gore

Diamond Merkins

Atlas Shoulders

Mountain Climbers

Bench Step Up

Bent Over Rows

On Deck—Around the world

After a rousing time, game was over and pax moseyed back for some mary.

Mary: Freddie Mercurys, Flutter Kicks, Pike Ups

COT: “If my uniform doesn’t get dirty, I haven’t done anything in the baseball game.” – Rickey Henderson. If you’re not engaged, if your not getting dirty and knocked around from whatever you are doing , then you are standing on the sidelines. Get engaged with your family, your work, etc. and get in the game.

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