PAX Dodgeball

Olympus, July 16, 2020


PAX: Dunder, YNAB, Monk, Hoolihan, Roddick, Peloton

30 SSH’s then Good Morning, WMH, Arm Circles, & downward dog stretches. PAX on fellowship jog around Olympus towards tennis courts. Then mix of butt kickers, skipping high knees, Frankenstein, followed by sprint.

The Thang:
Split up into 2 groups on tennis courts. Dodgeball rules:
Throw to hit opposite side team
If you get hit, walk to rear of your side. Then bear crawl to opposite court end line & join opposite team.
If you catch opponents ball, he then walks to rear of his side, then bear crawls to opposite court end line, then joins opposing team.
Halftime PAX lined up on sideline to run shuttle run across 6 tennis courts.
Resumed dodgeball for second half, added twist. If your ball doesn’t go over net, drop for burpee, then resume play.

Round robin merkins, flutter kicks, heels to heaven, boat/canoe, LBC’s, WW II, carolina dry-docks

Prayers for Peloton & Mule’s families on their relocations, will be missed!
Prayers for families still struggling through Covid.
Thank you to my F3 brothers that constantly push us to be better!
Played Jocko Willink podcast of ‘Good’.

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