Spring Forward

Screen Shot 2020-03-12 at 10.39.19 PM

AO: The General

QIC: Jenner

PAX: Sticks, Traveller, Buggy, Toolbox, and DRPAX from Chattanooga, The Count and Red Tees


SSH, Hillbillies, Arm Circles, Windmills, Cherry Pickers, Downward Dog, Calf Stretch, Merkins.

A Skips across the width of the field with High Knees switching halfway to Butt Kickers on the way back.

The Thang:

The 7 PAX grabbed the 6 cinder blocks and moseyed towards the bike racks. Using the cinder blocks or the sidewalk, performed right arm raised Merkins x 15, Air Squats x 15, then switched positions for left arm raised Merkins x 15. Continued to mosey over to the bridge overpass.

Ricky Bobby Curls with last man running to the front as rest of the PAX march forward while curling their coupon. The new leader at the front takes the coupon from the previous leader and so forth until all PAX pass their coupons forward and repeat. March all the way to the field next to the playground behind the parking deck.

Jog to 60yd, crawl bear to back to 40yd,  bear crawl to 60yd, sprint to the end line. Reverse it. Backward jog to the 40yd, bear crawl to 60yd, crawl bear to the 40yd, backward sprint to starting end line. Repeat-o.

PAX rotated throwing a weighted disc and doing wind shuttles while the other 6 PAX performed various hops until they reached the disc and ran back.

  1. Triple broad jump – right, left, right and then a burpee and repeat-o until reach the disc
  2. Tripe broad jump – left, right, left and then a burpee and repeat-o …
  3. Broad jump with block x3 and then a blockie and repeat-o
  4. Broad jump with block x3 and then a blockie and repeat-o
  5. Broad jump with block x5 and then a blockie and repeat-o
  6. Broad jump with block x5 and then a blockie and repeat-o
  7. Broad jump with block x? how ever many you wanted as long as you did 3 blockies before reaching the disc and running back

The weighted disc ended up breaking in half, twice. Good thing it was the bottom of an old lamp that had already been discarded. So we just threw it in the trash can on the way back to the stadium for Mary.


LBCs, Slow Freddy Mercuries


Everybody had to deal with springing their clocks forward this past Sun. If you remembered or if you forgot, you had to deal with it. Daylight Savings Time started in WWI to save energy taking suite from Germany. It stopped after the war, but resumed during WWII. Afterwards, several industries lobbied to keep it, which included the golf, department stores, and BBB-Q lobbies. Even the candy lobby got in on the action to extend the months we are in DST to include Halloween so they could sell more candy. So, in life, there are going to be bigger things at play making life complex, where you just need to do your best to navigate it. Rely on your support group, your family, colleagues, your F3 brothers to help you navigate life’s complexities and to spring forward.

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