Speedo Takes The Love Train

February 23, 2020

AO: The Love Train

QIC: Monk

PAX: Speedo, JAG, Elvis, Short Sale

The runners ran; the ruckers took the day off. I think it had lots to do with Go Ruck on Saturday.

The big news is Speedo, posting to The Love Train for the first time. He ran it like he’d been there all along. We expect to pick up the 6 often with guys just starting (or restarting) to run. I kept looking to do the same with Speedo, but he never fell behind. Later at Coffeeteria he confessed to having “been a runner” in the past, and he clearly hasn’t lost much of any of his former glory.


Announcements: Convergence on 3/21. Parkway 10 miler in April

Thought & Prayer: People say fear prevents men from accelerating in life, but it’s really cowardice. It’s opposite is courage, or fortitude, the habit that intervenes between the impulse of fear and the reaction you make to danger, real or perceived. May each of us cultivate that virtue.

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