Head for the hills on F3 The Love Train

QIC: Monk

PAX: Jenner, Bambino, Maj Payne, Sunshine, Bone, Shark Week, NAFTA, Elvis, Short Sale, 

F3 The Love Train took an alternate track last Sunday to run hills in preparation for the BRR. We took a left at the old Vienna Train Station, ran a block down Ayr Hill Rd, turned right on Cedar Ln, and ran straight for a few miles. The terrain goes up and down, much like running the BRR.

Short Sale played tunes from the 1970’s-80’s. Stairway to Heaven took me back to my high school band days. Queen showed up. Steve Miller too. Could someone explain to me why Journey has made a come-back. I hear them weekly in public places and can’t figure out why.

After 45 minutes running up & down hills, we cut over to the W&OD an ran back to start. Here is where my Q fail began. It was just about 7:30, and we thought perhaps the Ruckers had already headed to CoffeeBeeria. Forgetting COT (again), we headed there too. The Ruckers were still out on the W&OD. To make matters worse, they had been looking for us to pass them, or come find them, at the end of our run, so they thought we were still running and puzzled over whether to go looking for us. Fortunately they decided against it and joined us at Cafe Amouri.

So I fired myself from Q of this AO and asked Elvis to take over. He’ll do a better job, and I’ll focus on rehabilitating the Q Source discussions, which we can’t seem to get right.

On that note, please send ideas about when, where, how often, etc to do Q Source discussions. It’s a great way to learn about F3 and leadership.


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