Chiefs vs. 49ers

1 Feb 20

AO – Beast Gate

Q – Pinocchio

PAX – Ponch, Zen Master, FNG (Blow Out)


Core Principles



  • 10 1-count arm circles, forward & bacK

Mosey/Indian Run around the parking lot (approx. ½ mile)

The Thang: 49’s

        Squats (coupons optional) & merkins. Like 21s, except starting from 49 and working our way down with squats, up from 1 with merkins. After 35 minutes, the PAX had completed 21 rounds…a total of 847 squats & 231 merkins! Ready for well-earned beer & wings at Sunday’s Super Bowl (Go Chiefs!). 

NOR (renamed FNG as Blow Out  due to an unfortunate incident with a bike tire)



  • Closed with thoughts on responsibility. The Q shared a situation in which he had not accepted responsibility for his subordinates’ actions, and the necessity for a leader to be fully responsible, while helping those under him to take responsibility for their own actions.

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