Breaking in the Coupons

AO: The General

QIC: Traveler

PAX: Jenner, Trolley, Toolbox, Buggy, Monk

6 PAX assembled in the gloom to break in the newly-acquired coupons at The General. And break them in, they did.

Warmup: PAX performed each exercise in cadence, moseying down the football field 20 yards after each exercise.

Little Bity Arm Circles, LBAC Reverse, Imperial Walkers, Willie Mays Hayes, Cherry Pickers, Chicken Wings (named by YHC in honor of the meal prepared on Super Bowl Sunday)

Run back to original goal line at 75% speed.

The Thang:

Devin Hester: Named after the legendary Chicago Bears kick returner who has the NFL record for punt/kick return touchdowns.

2 PAX race 100 yards – Once PAX 1 starts running (while carrying a coupon), PAX 2 must complete 3 burpees before starting.

The rest of the PAX completed planks and 6” inch leg holds while waiting for their race to begin. 4 total rounds (2 turns carrying the coupon for each PAX).


Greta 1-2-3: Dora’s Icelandic Cousin. This was a doozy.

Partner up. Grab a coupon. Together you must complete:

100 blockees

200 goblet squats

300 Kettle Bell (Coupon) Swings

While PAX 1 completes exercises, PAX 2 runs an out-and-back (~30 yards each way).

This ended up being quite the back and leg shredder. A few PAX threatened to send their medical bills to YHC for the lower back pain that was sure to come their way in the coming days.


LBCs, LBCs with toes pointing to the heavens, and Banana Rolls


  1. Virtual Q Source on Thursday
  2. Check #monthlychallenge channel about the plank challenge!
  3. Let YHC (Traveler) know ahead of time if you want to use the coupons for a Q at The General


I find myself jam packing my schedule very tightly. In that haste, it’s easy to get restless and it’s easy to not pay attention to how you’re doing or stay on track with your goals. So my challenge today is that we each find just 5 minutes during the day to just be still, sit in silence, and check-in with ourselves. Whether it’s in the morning, middle of the day, or before going to bed, let’s each take some time to think about how our day is going, if we’ve been acting in accordance with the type of men we’re trying to be, and maybe savor some of the blessings we may have otherwise overlooked. Hopefully carving out a little time for ourselves will help us all achieve some inner peace.


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