The Combine


AO: The General
QIC: Romo (VQ)
The PAX: 8 strong PAX–JAG, Jenner, 2 percent, Lucius, Traveler, Romo, + 2 FNG (Orange and Buggy)
Warm-Up: Fellowship lap, side straddle hop (30), Neck Rolls, (12), Little Bitty Arm Circles (12), Moroccan Night Club (20), Butt Kicks (20), High Knees (20), Plank feat. Ankle Circles (20), Fire Hydrants (12)
The Thang: An NFL Combine-inspired Thang included 2 circuits:
Circuit 1: (x2)
25 push ups
15 Vertical Jumps
3 Cone Drill (x2)
5-10-5 Shuttle Run (x2)
Circuit 2: (x3):
40-yd Dash
Broad Jump 10 yards
15-30-15 Shuttle Run
40-yd run, 2 burpees every 5 yards; Sprint back
Mary: Crunchy Frog (x20), Plank (x60s), Side Crunches (x20/side)
COT: After proudly naming 2 FNGs, Orange and Buggy, we discussed the new year and its inevitable focus on self-improvement. Individual improvement like this is similar to the NFL combine. While it is extremely important to better oneself daily, the ultimate goal is important to keep in mind: life, like football, is a team game. The “combine” should never be the end result. Remember each day to care and love others in your striving.

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