CoffeeBeeria Car Opens on The Love Train

A dozen F3Capital HIMs showed up this balmy Sunday morning to ruck / run on F3 The Love Train. We started off with a picture in front of the old caboose. Backing away from my camera/phone, I sat down quickly in front of the PAX … and next to Lucius’s very large, very fluffy, beautiful black dog. Just after the phone camera clicked, I got a blast of warm dog breath across the face, and that smile you see in the photo quickly disappeared.

After the disclaimer, we headed east down the W&OD trail. The runners did 6 miles. Ruckers did whatever they did. After the run/ruck, we snapped a picture in front of the huge, colorful train mural that preserves the fact that the W&OD used to be a railroad.

We started CoffeeBeeria at 0730. Yes you read that correctly. There I was ordering my espresso. I thought I overheard someone asking what beer Cafe Amouri served. Naively, I assumed it was just casual interest. Then the said PAX (who shall remain nameless) showed up at table to enjoy his beer with a pastry and hot chocolate. Whatever makes your sun shine I suppose.

Announcements: The burgeoning F3The Capital BRR team will organize itself on SuperBowl Sunday wherever we congregate. Watch our #CSAUP Slack channel for details.

PAX: JAG, Hightower, Sunshine (R), Elvis, Short Sale, Monk (R), Buffet, Bone, Nano, Lazlo, Roddick, Lucius (+ his dog Max),

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