The Roaring 20s

January 1, 2020

AO: The Patriot


PAX: Pop Fly; Mayberry; Bone; Jenner; Maj. Payne; 3 Mile; Lazlo; Fish Fry

Warm-Up: SSH; Imperial Walkers; Potato Pickers; LBAC and Merkins – 20 each.

The Thang: The PAX celebrated 2020 by performing a circuit centered on – what else? – the number 20.  The circuit started at the goal line, where the PAX executed 20 coupon curls.  The PAX then bear crawled to the 20-yard line, did an Al Gore and then performed 20 flutterkicks.  The PAX returned to the goal line via walking lunges.  After the PAX convened in the end zone, they took a mosey around the track to the home side bleachers.  There they serpentined up and down the stairs and performed dips, derkins and ierkins – 20 each.

Subsequent rounds of the circuit included: 20 each of squat thrusters, overhead presses and skull crushers with a coupon at the goal line; crab walks and inchworm merkins to get to the 20-yard line; 20 each of WWIIs, LBCs and Freddie Mercuries at the 20; and finally, Mt. Everests, travelling burpees and walking lunges to get back to the 20.  Additional laps around the track and bleachers included more dips and derkins and box jumps (sets of 20, natch) and a Ricky Bobby.

Mary: 20 of WWIs, protractors, dirty dogs (x2), mule kicks (x2) and boxcutters.

COT: Today is the first day of the new decade.  Tomorrow is tomorrow and yesterday was yesterday – there is nothing you can do about either.  Use this workout as a springboard to make today the best you make it.  Lather, rinse, repeat for tomorrow.  Aye!

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