Naming Things is Hard


AO: The Patriot

QIC: Jenner

PAX: Bone, Lazlo, Two Percent, Sticks, Lucius

The night before, there was no Q. YHC had the [mis]fortune of talking with the Site Q, who was fighting the flue, and mentioning that they’d be backup Q, half regretting the offer as a sore throat and potential cold was coming on. Worse yet, the weather forecast called for rain. Morning came. Throat was sore. Rain pattered on the window. Fart sack? Nope. Suck it up. Here’s the story of the struggle.


The rain was fortunately light enough so we didn’t have to warm up under the roof ledge of the restrooms. Things are already looking brighter.

Side Shuffle Hops, Arm Circles, Imperial Walkers, Cherry Pickers, Downward Dog and Calf Stretch, Merkins.

The Thang:

Partners & Gravity: PAX moseyed over to the pull up bars to take advantage of the light rain in case it worsened and performed 2 rounds of 6 stations:

  1. Merkins w/ resistance (x10 and was the timer)
  2. Partner providing merkin resistance
  3. Chest to bar
  4. Pull ups
  5. Push press w/ resistance
  6. Partner providing push press resistance

Bike Rack Bonanza: PAX then moseyed towards the arena, but stopped at the bike racks for some Mobility Leg Swings. Starting in the center of the 30 bike racks, we swung right leg up and over followed by left leg up and over the same rack progressing towards the right for a total of 15 leg swings right lead leg. Then we ran back to the center of the bike racks and progressed left for a total of 15 swings left lead leg. We did 2 rounds of leg swings separated by 30s of Air Running Mans and 15s of Air Knee Ups where a PAX mentioned we could conveniently use the swimming clock as the timer.

UnderCover Unique Exercises: Pax then moseyed over to the corner of the school by the arena that had plenty of roof cover.

PAX split into 2 groups. First group performed lower body hyperextensions on the picnic tables while the second group performed Traveling Balls to The Wall – but since there wasn’t any good contiguous wall space without a window jutting out, we traversed the corner, which was interestingly tricky. YHC never done this corner traversal before. Bone says, matter of factly, “If you had, we wouldn’t be doing it.” Possibly, truth speak. Groups switched for a total of 2 rounds.

reverse-back-extension-reverse-hyperextension-3 Screen Shot 2020-01-05 at 12.46.59 PM.png

Then, PAX performed some precision jumps. Starting at an intersection of four lines in the sidewalk, jumped forward and back to center and left and back, back and forward, and right and back in a counter clockwise circular motion for 30s. Then, we speed roped for 30 seconds. Then precision jumped in clockwise circular motion for 30s. Then we lined up on the wall and performed quadrupedal movement forward, then to the left, then backward, and to the right returning where we started (supposedly). Dubbed by the PAX as Square Bears, we did 2 rounds counter clockwise and 2 rounds clockwise. Then we did scissor jumps for 30s. YHC demonstrated this exercise after some confused looks. And PAX said, “Oh, so Bonnie Blairs”. “What? Uh…oookay, just not all the way down,” YHC tentatively agreed. Then a PAX said, “That’s how Bone does Bonnie Blairs.” “Boney Blairs!” someone shouted. For the record, this video shows what we did for scissor kicks aka Boney Blairs. Then, we performed some two legged butt scoots, 1 round counter clockwise and 1 round clockwise. Then one legged butt scoots forward and backward 1 round each leg. PAX dubbed this dubious exercise the Itchy A-hole.


Still under the cover from the rain, the PAX got on their six.

Oh Yeahs for a 10 count. Slowing it down for the last two counts results in an entirely new exercise called, “Oh No Jenners”.

Reverse Elbow Merkins Progression for 2 rounds of 10. First progression was lying flat on back, arms stiffly by the side, upper body raised up on elbows for one rep. Second progression is repeating with both upper body and butt in the air with only heals and elbows touching the ground.



So YHC woke up with a sore throat and heard the rain and was so ready to fart sack. But name was on the Q Sign Up Sheet, shovel flag was in the car, so had to post and lead whatever men decided to show up. With 6 PAX out here, it’s a testament to the resolve and the self-dedication and also the accountability to the group that each of you have since you weren’t as compelled to be out here. So good for you. That is awesome. It’s what makes F3 so great and makes each of us better.


These small area, under cover from the rain exercises inspired by these videos:


Inspiration for the name of this backblast comes from the saying in computer science that naming things is hard [ref].

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