The Indian Bearcrawl

AO: The General

QIC: Traveler

PAX: 2 Percent, Monk


For the last beatdown of 2019, the PAX completed sets of 19 of the following exercises:

Arm Circles, Lunge Twists, Roof Raisers, and Tuck Jumps


Starting at the goal line, the PAX ran the length of the field and back, ratcheting up the pace every 50 yards.


The Thang:

YHC thought the PAX ought to track all the progress they made this year with some benchmarks. Not sure how many we could do in 2018, but now we know where we’re at going into 2020.  

  • Merkins (60 seconds AMRAP)
  • Situps (60 second AMRAP)
  • Pull-Ups (AMRAP, no time limit) – Other PAX completed bonnie blairs while they waited

Indian Crawl: PAX partner up to complete a relay race around the track. This one was a douzy.

  • First 200 meters: PAX 1 starts bear crawling. PAX 2 drops to do 3 burpees, then runs to catch PAX 1. Switch, and repeat until reaching the 200m mark.
  • Last 200 meters: Same thing, but lunge walks instead of bear crawl. 


11s: PAX complete sets of Gas Pumps and Carolina Dry Docks that add up to 11, then run the width of the field.

First set: 1 Gas Pump, 10 CDDs, then run the width of the field.

Second Set: 2 Gas Pumps, 9 CDDs, run the width of the field.

Continue until 10 Gas Pumps and 1 CDD.


Bring Sally Up:  To the tune of “Flower” by Moby, PAX laid on their 6 and held their feet 6 inches off the ground. When the song says “Bring Sally Up”, PAX do a leg raise. When the song says “Bring Sally Down”, PAX lower their legs back to 6 inches. Rinse and repeat throughout the whole song. Spotify says the song is only 3:26…we’re not so sure.



Each PAX led an exercise (reps of 19, of course):

Toe touches, Plank Soldiers, LBCs



Thinking about New Year’s Resolutions and it reminded me of Bible verse from Revelation 3:16. Scripture reads: “Because you are lukewarm, and neither hot nor cold, I will spit you out of my mouth.” 

To be lukewarm is actually a bit dishonest – to say we are committed to something, or stand for something, and then not really back it up. No one was ever inspired by a lukewarm leader. Let’s seek to be bold and firm in our resolutions in 2020, whatever they may be. That’s what will ultimately help us transform ourselves and transform our communities. Amen.

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