The Circuit Arena

AO: The Patriot

QIC: Maj Payne

The PAX: Lucius, Fish Fry, 2 Percent, 3 Mile, Jenner, Ozark, Vila, Jag, DR PAX Gerber from F3 Puget Sound, Lazlo, Murdock, Sticks, Wild Thing, Elvis, Vegan

The temps are falling, but the PAX keep showing up for a righteous beatdown! On a dank Monday gloom, 16 PAX posted for some serious circuit work. Here’s what they did…

WU: Follow me! Mosey around the track to far side for 15 x SSH, mosey another 200m and knock out 15 x IW, then up and out of the stadium for 10 x WMH.  Continue on to the school parking lot for 10 x BWS, then move around the b-ball court and  bear crawl / lunge walk alternating at light posts past the tennis courts. Once all are caught up, knock out 5 x burpees.  We’re starting to get warmed up, so mosey on to our destination — the Arena!

ME: The super circuit. Somehow, YHC guessed correctly and had exactly the right number of stations for the number of PAX this A.M. No idea how that fortune of fate occurred, but it worked out perfectly.  Two times through the circuit with a round of SSH in between sets.  the PAX decided to adjust the 15 x sandbag pullovers and 15 x wall balls down to 10 x each to avoid bottle necks. Timing worked great otherwise.

Station 1: 10 x burpee
Station 2: 30 x SSH
Station 3: 15 x KB swing
Station 4: 15 x Wall ball
Station 5: 20 x Merkin
Station 6: 15 x KB goblet squat
Station 7: Run up the stairs and 20 x Bonnie Blairs
Station 8: 20 x flutter kicks
Station 9: 15 x Sandbag pullovers
Station 10: 15 x Aussie Push-up
Station 11: 30 x LBC
Station 12: Bear crawl down three picnic tables, lunge walk back
Station 13: 20 x Derkins
Station 14: 15 x Box jump
Station 15: 30 x Battle rope
Station 16: 15 x Sandbag press

COT: Time expired after the second set, so no time for Mary. It’s always an honor to lead this group. the PAX is what pulls YHC out of the fartsack each morning, and the brotherhood is strong. Take that energy and go out to spread it in your world, being a better brother, father, son, neighbor, and work colleague. It’s so important to do whatever you can to make the world a bit better wherever you stand.


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