Pre-Blast: All Aboard F3 The Love Train! 

F3TheCapital’s first running/rucking AO. Launch Sunday, November 3, 2019

Sundays 0630 Vienna Train Station (Vienna, VA; meet near the Red Caboose)

Before anyone asks … it’s called The Love Train because we meet at the Vienna Train Station and go to Café Amouri afterwards. And love is the best motivation for fitness, fellowship, and faith.

This workout is for everyone, regardless of your ability. Run or ruck, six miles or one, at your pace down the W&OD trail. We start together at 0630 and end together with COT after we pick up the six.

1st F: Fitness. Who’s it for?

  • Runners & ruckers (obviously)
  • Guys just starting to accelerate fitness
  • Boot campers ready for a challenge
  • Guys preparing for CSAUPs like Grow Ruck, relays (BRR), half-marathon, marathon
  • Once / month for M’s & 2.0s (1st Sunday; ht–Bone for the suggestion)
  • Anyone who Loves to Train
  • And fellowship for everyone: Talk while running/rucking = easy 🙂 Talk doing burpees = hard 😦 

2nd F: Fellowship. Coffeeteria after the run.  

3rd F: Faith. In F3 Faith is about purpose as well as service. Whatever a man’s faith, he’s often thinking about it on Sunday. So The Love Train meets then. When circumstances change, love motivates positive change, like an old railroad line becomes a fitness trail. Love exists between people, like cars linked on a train, accelerating together.


  • Run/Ruck: Sundays 0630 at the Vienna Train Station, Washington and Old Dominion (W&OD) Trail, Vienna, VA 22180. Meet near the Red Caboose
  • 2nd F at 0730 at Cafe Amouri, 107 Church St NE, Vienna, VA 22180

I chose the W&OD for safety and accessibility, but more than that because the W&OD is busy on Sunday mornings, and Cafe Amori seems to be THE place to stop after your workout. Our presence there will make F3 visible to many men. I wouldn’t wish Sad Clownishness on any of them, but it’s there, and so are we. 

So here it is: F3 The Love Train. Hope to see you there.


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