AO:  The General

QIC: Lucius

THE PAX: Trolley, Major Payne, Jenner

SSH; LBCs, Moroccan Night Clubs; Cherry Pickers; Don Quixotes; fellowship lap

Three PAX convened for a fun circuit with 22-lb pavers at the General, but needed a fourth PAX to make it work.  Maj. Payne’s attempts to recruit a fourth from the early-morning stadium crowd fell short.  YHC was unsure how this was going to play out.  Luckily, Trolley arrived just in time to save the work-out:

After celebrating Trolley’s arrival, the PAX split into pairs.  While the first pair performed AMRAP of an exercise, the second pair ran to the far end of the field and back for a 200-yard timer and recovery run.  The pairs then flip-flopped.  Exercises included:

  • 21-count suicide curls (with 22-lb paver);
  • Plank jacks;
  • Squat thrusts (with 22-lb paver);
  • Merkins;
  • Everest climbers (lunge, lunge, squat);
  • Man Makers (with two 22-lb pavers);

The first set was so fantastic, the PAX performed a second, omitting the plank jacks on the second go-through.  1.25 miles run, with a few reps between.  Good Living!

The PAX next celebrated the morning with 20 shoulder-to-shoulder presses (with 22-lb pavers), then ran the stadium stairs for good measure.  PAX performed recovery burpees to pick up the six, then ran back to the pile of pavers for the Mary.

PAX-led copy-cats (one-legged bridge exercise borrowed from neighboring exercise group); flutter kicks; WW Is, and Dollys-to-heaven.

In reading the book “Don’t Split the Difference” by former FBI hostage negotiator Chris Voss, YHC was struck by the importance of displaying empathy—understanding for others’ viewpoints even if you don’t agree with them.  Hostage negotiators build empathy through active listening and language-mirroring techniques.  And the Q builds it by performing the workout with the PAX, instead of standing there with whistle, stopwatch, and clipboard.  YHC has always appreciated this aspect of F3.  We’re all suffering, including the Q.  Understanding others’ points of view can lead to productive outcomes, as proven at the General this morning.


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