Kid’s First Q

AO: The Patriot

QIC: Traveler

PAX: Jenner, Major Payne, Bone, Dr. D, Moonshine, Da Parish, Noodle, Fish Fry, Prenup

VQ for YHC. Had to run the PAX through a nice beatdown for the inaugural Q. The PAX arrived to discover a surprise layer of ice on the field and track. Wasn’t it 70 degrees last weekend? Da Parish posted from F3 New Orleans and brought a little Cajun flair to the gloom.

Warmup: Butt kicks, high knees, Merkins, Frankensteins, arm circles

The Thang:

Morning Call: In honor of April’s pull-up challenge, the PAX started the workout on the pull-up bar. The PAX rotated through on the pull-up bar, with the rest of the PAX circled up and in Merkin-position. One Merkin for each pull-up performed by the PAX on the bar (up to 10). With 10 PAX in the gloom today, the Merkins added up quickly.

Mosey over to the basketball court.

Lazy Doras: Nothing lazy about this one. PAX partner up and as a team completed 100 Merkins, 200 LBCs, and 300 squats. While P1 is completing the exercise, P2 enjoys a “rest” exercise (plank, 6 inches, and squat holds). Dr. D patented the “duck squat” as the preferred resting position for a squat hold.

Mosey back to the football field. After all those squats, no one was pushing the pace on this one.

Finished the workout with a Quarter Pounder. Basically a football field suicide, with an exercise performed as a group during each leg. Ran out to the 25 yard line for 25 sit-ups. Back to the goal line and then out to the 50 for 50 flutter-kicks (which turned into 100 as Maj. Payne counted in cadence). Back to the goal line and then 75 yards out for 75 mountain climbers. Finished it off with 100 yards and 100 side straddle hops. Back to the goal line.

The Finisher: In case the PAX didn’t get enough of a chest workout in, we topped it off with some more Merkins.

Announcements: Launching the new AO at Washington-Lee in Ballston on Tuesday, April 9 at 530! Meet at the field goal post by the high school on the football field.

COT: YHC realized he couldn’t create the workout all by himself and needed to rely on the F3 exercise database for help. Men are often afraid to admit they don’t have all the answers. But we’re stronger when we lean on each other for guidance.

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